i stay away from breaded and battered things in restaurants because i never now where they’ll  slip some eggs or buttermilk, but at home they’re pretty much my favorite thing. this summer while most of the house was at the beach i got a fatty craving for onion rings. this was the result.



1c flour
1/2T garlic powder
1/2t paprika
1/2t salt
6-8oz club soda
1-2 vidalia onions, sliced into rings
3c vegetable oil for frying
salt to taste

on the stove, heat the oil in a deep pot on medium-high heat. while that’s going, combine the first five ingredients. use only as much club soda as it takes to make a nice gloppy tempura batter. dunk the onion in the batter and let the excess drip back into the bowl. make sure the oil is good and hot before frying any of the rings. to test the temperature, drip some batter into the oil. if it sizzles, you’re good to go. drop in the onion rings and fry until golden brown. try not to let them touch and fry together, but it’s not a huge deal if they do. when done, drain the excess oil from the rings on a few layers of paper towel on a wire rack. sprinkle with salt and serve. the sweet vidalias make these so good and buttery that they don’t need ketchup or anything, but it never hurts.

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