i first thought this up when eric and i were preparing for a dumpling date. he requested some long japanese eggplants (for some dumplings which may or may not make it onto here) and i got one extra for myself for an experiment. i remembered a recipe for sesame crusted tofu on abeautifulmess and it looked so purdy i had to crust something in sesame seeds. i added a little flavor to the dredging process because i didn’t feel like marinating or making a dipping sauce..



1-2 long japanese eggplants
1/3c flour
1t garlic powder
1/6c soy sauce
1/6c rice vinegar
1/3c black and white sesame seeds, mixed
1T vegetable oil
1T sesame oil

slice the eggplant into rounds. in three separate bowls, prepare the dredges: flour and garlic powder in the first, soy sauce and rice vinegar in the second, and sesame seeds in the third. coat the eggplant in the flour mixture, dip in the wet mixture, and then coat in the sesame crust. if you choose to remove the eggplant skin you can completely coat the rounds in  the crust, but i prefer to leave the skin on. nothing sticks to the skin and makes a nice purple stripe around the medallions. pan fry each side of the eggplant rounds until the white sesame seeds start to turn golden brown. remove from pan to a paper towel. drain excess oil from eggplant and lightly salt.

eat these hot! as they cool they firm back up a little. eric liked them cold but i prefer when the eggplant innards are buttery and soft.

if you want a dipping sauce, make a little more of the vinegar-soy blend and float some thinly sliced green onions 🙂

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