my aloe plant was underloved. i left it out in the cold too long, i somehow both overwatered and underwatered it (after a million succulents i still can’t seem to get it right), and i planted it in probably the worst soil possible. it was also underutilized. it was never in the right place when i was really sunburned and i always had to run out for some unnecessarily expensive processed jelly. i needed to save this plant. i decided against propagation because i’m SO BAD at it, and opted for a more foolproof method of extending its life. making lotion requires a bunch of ingredients i’m too lazy/cheap to hunt down, and according to google mixing aloe with things decreases its shelf life and efficacy. so we freeze. everybody get out your ikea ice cube trays out.



you will need:
aloe plant
ice cube trays


cut the crusty ends off your aloe. if your plant isn’t as pathetic as mine you can probably just snap a nice fat leaf off your plant. make a shallow slice down the middle and peel the leaf open with your fingernail. this will be messy. it really brought me back to my jellyfish wrangling days down the shore. scrape the innards into a cup or bowl and squish around with your fingers, magic bullet or whatever you have around.


i left mine lumpy because i’m impatient and once it’s frozen it doesn’t really matter anyway. scoop the jelly into your ice cube trays and freeze. once they’re frozen, bag/tupperware them up and use as needed on your burns, bites, scrapes and dry skin.

you could probably also grind up some of these cubes in a smoothie or juice if you’re into drinking your aloe.

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One thought on “ALOE ICE CUBES

  1. Aloe is such an amazing plant. So useful and versatile. I’m surprised that it isn’t grown everywhere. It should be a mandatory housewarming gift!

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