cornbread rules. blue cornbread is even better. this recipe was born out of necessity. i was making cornbread for a family dinner and all our square pyrex baking dishes were in use. i didn’t want to bake it after everything else was out of the oven and bring it to the table halfway through the meal, so i used a cast iron skillet instead. the corn bits keep it moist and the blue is just for fun.



1/4 vegan butter, melted (i use earth balance)
1/2c non-dairy milk
1 vegan “egg” (i use ener-g egg replacer)
3/4c cream style corn
1 1/4c blue cornmeal
1c all purpose flour
1/4c sugar
1T baking powder
1/2t salt

preheat your over to 375°F and grease your 8″ cast iron skillet. mix the first four ingredients. in another bowl, mix the dry. pour the wet into the dry and mix until just combined. bake for 20 minutes and allow to cool in the skillet on a wire cooling rack for a few minutes before eating.


NOTE: if you want to use fresh corn instead of the canned stuff, just strip the cob and mash the kernels. measure them out in a measuring cup and just fill the crevices with more non-dairy milk.

NOTE NOTE: this goes nicely with some chili

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