i am a utilitarian coffee drinker. i drink a cup or two to wake up in the morning, and a few more throughout the day to maintain a steady buzz. i am NOT a connisseur. i only ever really notice if i don’t like how a coffee tastes, and pay it no mind when i do. this KIND OF changed last year when eric got me a coffee of the month subscription from craft coffee. every month, three little bags of whole bean coffee from around the world arrive at my door. i generally don’t taste “notes” of things in my food or drink, but eric does and he really wanted me to fully enjoy these fancy coffees.


as i researched coffee grinders and read too many product reviews, it became clear that the grinder is almost as important as the bean, and a burr grinder was the way to go. they offer a more consistent, even grind than blade grinders, which just chop whatever comes in contact with the blade, leaving some coffee bits coarse and some very fine. an uneven grind can lead to very bitter coffee- those tiny bits will brew as much as the larger ones, extracting a much more bitter flavor. this level of research is usually TMI for me, but i wanted to get the most out of my super cute and thoughtful gift.

i did some recon at a few stores i won’t name, and they all only had electric blade grinders* (think spice grinder) or huge, absurdly expensive burr grinders. once i realized i wasn’t going to walk out of a store with a coffee grinder, i hit the internet. i decided on the cuissential manual ceramic burr coffee grinder. with over 400 amazon reviews with an average of 4.5 of 5 stars, it seemed like a good choice. the grind choices are infinite, whereas many higher-end grinders offer only a few grind options. with the cuissential, you adjust the coarseness with a little gear below the handle. my ideal grind took some figuring out, but once i did i was good to go. i kind of get a little overprotective with it when someone says they want french press coffee. DO NOT adjust my grind, man.


i love my coffee grinder and i don’t care what people have to say about it. friends and family always hassle me for not getting an electric one, but i can quietly relish in the fact that they don’t know any better. it also provides some comic relief at dinnertime. a few months ago we had some family over for a non-holiday dinner, and as people were sitting back down at the table for dessert i started grinding coffee in the kitchen. everyone looked around like “what is that noise?” and once they located the source, everybody cracked up and the dudes tried to be macho and grind it faster than me. of course they couldn’t.. i had more practice and they were holding it wrong. lol.

note: my grinder is not as quiet as advertised, but i don’t care. i like the crunchy grindy sound it makes.


to “experience” my coffee. come on, i am not one of those.

*if you’re interested, serious eats recently posted an article on why electric blade grinders suck. guess i made the right choice.

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  1. Deb says:

    and 60 beans for a perfect cuppa? in the excellent company of ludwig von b.

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