i went out yesterday just after it started snowing for the millionth time, planning on getting peat pots, seed starter and catering trays so i could at least get my seeds going once i was snowed in. apparently home depot thinks it’s a little early in US zone 7 to start a vegetable garden (even though they’re already selling seeds), because they had no jiffy pots or seed starter. what the hell? i did get those catering trays though (stop and shop, you never let me down).

so this morning i was watching reruns of roseanne feeling antsy as all hell and decided to make my own seed pots from newspaper. why not? i’ve done it before and i’ll do it again. except all of our newspapers were buried at the end of the driveway under varying depths of snow from each storm like a freaking fossil record of current events. BUT WAIT. doesn’t SESE use non-glossy newspaper pages in their catalog? i love you, southern exposure.


newspaper seed pots are so easy to make. all you need is some newspaper, scissors, and a mold of some sort. if you’re a sucker you can buy one of these, but if you’re awesome you can use something you already own. i tried with a small glass with a flat bottom, but when that looked too big, i went for a cylindrical shot glass.

cut your newspaper into 4 inch wide strips, or if you’re using a magazine or something just cut the pages in half hotdog-style (which i recently learned is not a thing), or lengthwise. now roll it around your mold, leaving about an inch hanging off the bottom. fold that over the bottom of the mold and press it flat on a table. that is literally it.

DSC02216          DSC02222

i filled mine with a 1:1:1 mix of compost, vermiculite and peat moss, and put 2-3 seeds in each pot. i’m a notoriously bad sprout-thinner and get major separation anxiety when i pull up seedlings growing too close together (example: my jungle-like valerian), so this year i’m trying to plant my seeds a reasonable distance apart. hope it works. how’s everyone else’s garden doing?


bonus points for using the roaster lid to make a little greenhouse.

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  1. garden98110 says:

    Thanks for showing us all, again, how easy it is to make recycled paper pots. This heals a tree. — THGg

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