so chia seeds have been a thing for a while, right? with good reason, i guess. there’s a lot going on in them- lots of protein, fiber and omega-3s for their serving size (1 tablespoon). i’m on a bit of a smoothie bender again (smoothie, not juice. juice is for weenies) and i picked up my first chia seeds at trader joe’s the other day, so you can probably guess what happened. yeah. weird little buggy black specks in my tasty tasty.


orange-strawberry-banana is one of the greatest flavor combinations on earth. when i was little i would get a raspberry bagel and a tropicana orange strawberry banana juice at bagels4u (you cannot touch their bagels. so good.) and just go to town on it. i think tropicana changed their recipe a few years ago, because it’s just not the same these days. good thing you can make it at home.


1/4c orange juice
1/4c nondairy milk OR 1/4 of a block of silken tofu
1 frozen banana
6 frozen strawberries
1T chia seeds

blenderize and enjoy.


i prefer frozen fruit for smoothies because it’s picked and frozen at its peak freshness, and is often cheaper than the sometimes questionably fresh produce. it’s winter here in the US so pretty much everything takes a few days of sitting around and shipping before it gets to grocery stores. ick.

frozen fruit also eliminates the need for ice without watering the smoothie down.

bananas take less than an hour to freeze enough for a smoothie. you don’t want them hard as a rock or they’ll take forever to blend.

using silken tofu instead of nondairy milk will add a nice protein blast to the whole thing, and also adds a creaminess the milk cannot. you can’t even taste the tofu in it. bonus.

grind your chia seeds with the rest of the ingredients, don’t add them at the end. while this may change the color of your drink (mine was pink before i added the seeds), studies have shown that the omega-3 fatty acids found in chia seeds are more bioavailable when the seeds are ground. that’s the whole point anyway, right?

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