yesterday i found the ripest mangoes in new jersey. usually i’m the WORST at picking softish produce (especially avocados.. cannot do it), but it was like every mango in the bin was perfectly ripe. i had no reason to buy them, so i excercised some restraint and only got two. one of them was missing this morning.



anyway, i threw them in a salad today and it was delish. i usually do balsamic, but i couldn’t cover this cutie in brown nasty. just look at it.



a handful of spring mix or lettuce of choice
1/3 of a mango
1T pumpkin seeds (pepitas!)

1.5t lemon juice
1.5t olive oil
splash of rice, champagne or white wine vinegar
pinch of salt & pepper

first, mix up your dressing. just pour everything into a cup and shake it, stir it, or otherwise combine.


now put your greens in a bowl and get your mango out. slice it along one side of the pit and cut it crisscross-ways or hashtag-ways (pictured way above) or whatever it’s called. this is the only way i can cut up a mango. when you peel them they get freaking SLIPPERY and that is not something i can deal with. anyway, cut those porcupiney mango chunks off and sprinkle them and the pumpkin seeds on top of greens. don’t bother mixing it up- the mango will just sink to the bottom anyway (as evidenced by my crappy photo below). just pour the dressing over it and eat the damn thing.


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