i love junk food. one of my favorites back in the day was smart balance white cheddar popcorn. the stuff in the black bag. well i haven’t had it in over a decade (probably closer to 15 years), and when i saw earth balance vegan aged white cheddar flavor popcorn on a year or two ago i was so psyched. like super psyched. like way happier than anyone should get about popcorn. i still haven’t had it since i can’t bring myself to order snack foods over the internet, but i did find it in puff form at my crappy supermarket (which is turning out to be not so crappy).



they are delicious. the flavor is pretty much dead on for what i can remember, and even non-vegans liked them a lot. i was the only one who thought they had a bit of a weird aftertaste, kind of sweet like the nutritional yeast aftertaste, but it didn’t keep me from eating almost the entire bag by myself in less than 24 hours. they’re cheezy, poofy, crunchy and wonderful. and huge! and as far as junk food goes, not that bad for you. i’m afraid i’ll eat a million now that i know where to get them.


i also couldn’t stop saying “cheesy poofs” today. eric even caught it on iphone film i was saying it so much. anyway, these are so good. thank you, earth balance.

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