i spotted a wooden vegetable crate on my lunch break a few weeks ago and told myself i would circle back for it after work and grab it if it was still there. well it was, and once i picked it up i realized it was flimsy as hell and for a second thought maybe i should just leave it in the garbage. of course i took it though- i’m such a craft supply hoarder that i knew i would regret not taking it home with me even if it was a total piece of shit. the sides are a little too open to turn into a wall-mounted shelf, but maybe with some staples and wood glue it’ll make a nice little storage space for my underused dishes or exploding yarn supply.


whoooo knows?

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2 thoughts on “GARBAGE PICKING

  1. Love finding treasures on the side of the road!

  2. Deb says:

    best garbage ever in New York City!!!

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