confession 1: i have way too many houseplants.

confession 2: i do not have a house. i’m still living with my parents and saving up a down payment for my own place. until then, i have extremely limited space for my greenery. limited as in all my potted plants are packed uncomfortably close together on a garbage-picked vintage deco table i swear i’ll refinish after i paint my room.

despite the cold draft from the cracks and crevices in the window at night, the plants all seem to be doing okay. and winter is almost over! actually, it’s officially over today omgaaaaaaaah 😀


almost two years ago a coworker dug up some sedum in her garden for me. i still have no idea what kind of sedum it is, but i haven’t killed it yet.. it’s actually kind of thriving in at least three planters right now.


last september i “liberated” a few paddle cactus (Opuntia sp?) from the side of the road down the shore. i tried to wait until they scabbed over and sprouted roots, but i planted them at pretty much the first sign of any action. they don’t seem to mind. you can also see some sedum creeping toward the sun from the planter next door.


flower eyes! this cactus has been flowering nonstop since january. i guess i’m finally learning how to not overwater them.


i think this is my favorite planter. i’ve had these two succulents (Kalanchoe tomentosa and Echeveria “Perle von Nurnberg”) for about a year and they’re doing pretty well. the echeveria sprouted two babies and the kalanchoe aka “chocolate soldier” is growing slowly but surely. they were originally planted in a terra cotta pot with a little cutie cactus (with the beeeest flowers), but i of course overwatered and murdered it. i had to get these two away from the traumatic crime scene and replanted them in my favorite candle‘s empty glass.


and finally an actual garden update.. i planted more seeds last week and the teddy bear sunflowers, craspedia and sumter cucumbers (not pictured) the first to sprout.

i’m still on the hunt for a suitable mold for the hypertufa planter i’ve been planning for my fiddle leaf fig tree. maybe you’ll see him soon..

eeeeee i love spring!!

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2 thoughts on “SUNSHELF IS OK

  1. what a lovely pot that childs head is !!! I love it !!!!

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