my georgia candy roaster squash (Cucurbita maxima) sprouts have gotten so chubby and tall that they were pushing the little plastic greenhouse roof off my catering trays, so i decided today was the day to give them some space.



i like the newspaper pots because once they’re damp, the roots can very easily poke through them. when transplanting, i tore off the bottoms of the pots but left the sides intact. why stress the plants if they can just grow through the paper? it’ll eventually break down anyway, and by the time they go in the ground the paper will be in bits anyway.


does anyone else have a really hard time leaving the seed cases or whatever they’re called on the plants though? i’ve picked off way too many and found underdeveloped leaves inside, so i really try to leave them on. i like seeing what huge plants come from such tiny seeds anyway.


don’t mind the gnarly old roots, i just planted right in an old pot.. i think there were sunflowers in this one last year.

yay plants!

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3 thoughts on “POTTING UP SQUASH

  1. The first leaves are called cotyledons. I’ve had some trouble getting them to come off before, but hang tight until they get dry enough. Also have you grown this kind of squash before? I love the name!

    • jen says:

      nope, this is my first time growing them. i ordered them a little late in the season last year and have been waiting to try them out. the description in the catalog sold me… “banana-shaped fruits are up to 18″ long and 6″ in diameter, pink with blue tips. smooth, delicious orange flesh.” can’t wait to cook one up 🙂

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