you would think that the veganness of a product would be fairly obvious. honey and gelatin? not vegan. whey and rennet? not vegan. dairy, fish and meat? obviously not vegan. peanut butter? yes vegan. i would add “obviously,” but i’ve been asked so many times whether or not peanut butter is vegan that i guess some people just don’t get it. anyway, it seems pretty black and white, right?

but sometimes you’ll get through the ingredients ok, only to find this waiting for you at the end:



i don’t usually give the warning a second thought, but because i mentioned my favorite chocolate bar, which happens to have the “may contain” disclaimer, in the previous post i thought it was worth mentioning.

i haven’t consulted the internet on this one, and i don’t think i ever will. i’ve always been okay with eating otherwise vegan things that include the milk disclaimer because 1. i’m not allergic to dairy, 2. veganism is not about personal purity and 3. manufacturers are required to put a variation of “may contain traces of milk” on their products if dairy is used at all in the manufacturing facility in case of severe food allergies (this is also true of tree nuts, eggs and shellfish, among other things).

how do my fellow vegans feel about the milk disclaimer? do you eat the labeled product anyway?

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