so it’s been a few days and my shirt is dry. i rinsed out the dyes after about 18 hours and were both disappointed and pleasantly surprised with the result.



i went with the classic spiral placed a little off-center. i love how the pattern came out, but you may notice there’s one color missing..

the first garment i rinsed (a pair of boy undies, haha) was something dyed entirely with beets. all the color completely washed out. beets were a huge fail for me. maybe next time adding vinegar to the dye solution will give it some more staying power?

the turmeric and black bean dyes worked very well though. the turmeric came out a vibrant yellow, and the black bean came out a nice purpley-gray.


i can’t wait to try some more vegetables! maybe spinach next time. eric requested something blue but it’ll be months before the woad is ready to harvest and i can’t bear the thought of wasting a perfectly good pint of blueberries on an experiment. maybe that’ll be my excuse to make him go blueberry picking with me this season 🙂

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