“when i am working on a problem, i never think about beauty but when i have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, i know it is wrong.” – r. buckminster fuller

i’ve been container gardening for pretty much my entire gardening career. we have a pretty big yard, but we’ve also got deer, rabbits, squirrels, slugs, birds and countless other munchers that annihilate everything on the ground and render any attempt at productive gardening endlessly frustrating an ultimately pointless. fortunately, i have some pretty decent patio space right off my bedroom, and that’s where my vegetable garden has lived for some time. i started with a few containers that were already out there and not so slowly added more and more (including a 4-foot diameter kiddie pool). this year, however, there’s a slight chance of some raised bed action in my yard and i’ll probably plant most of my guys downstairs, but i’m still dying to rearrange my container garden and have it make sense for once. here is the hideous, very early spring, before. forgive me.

DSC02720 DSC02721

clearly i haven’t put much thought into the configuration of my containers other than where the most sun/shade/etc can be found, but this year i need some inspiration. these are a few of my favorite container gardens..

(clicking the images will bring you to their source pages/articles)

the only thing that could make that even cooler is if there were cucumbers hanging off those vines.

a washing machine drum filled with TREE. AAAAH!

thanks for making me feel inadequate, thailand. jeez.

gotta put that vertical space to work!

i think my biggest challenge is finding space for things with deep roots, but i’m pretty lucky to have the amount of space i have. time to put it to work!

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  1. Deb says:

    awesome post!

  2. I have a small vegetable garden at the bottom of the garden and also pots on our deck. I found the best things for pots are herbs. Tomatoes do well if you have large containers – I use an up-cycled old filing cabinet. I thought it would rust after the first rain but it’s been over 4 years now and still going strong. Any container you can get your hands on can be adapted to plant food in. No need to spend a lot.

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