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i love junk food. one of my favorites back in the day was smart balance white cheddar popcorn. the stuff in the black bag. well i haven’t had it in over a decade (probably closer to 15 years), and when i saw¬†earth balance vegan aged white cheddar flavor popcorn¬†on a year or two ago i was so psyched. like super psyched. like way happier than anyone should get about popcorn. i still haven’t had it since i can’t bring myself to order snack foods over the internet, but i did find it in puff form at my crappy supermarket (which is turning out to be not so crappy).



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i am a utilitarian coffee drinker. i drink a cup or two to wake up in the morning, and a few more throughout the day to maintain a steady buzz. i am NOT a connisseur. i only ever really notice if i don’t like how a coffee tastes, and pay it no mind when i do. this KIND OF changed last year when eric got me a coffee of the month subscription from craft coffee. every month, three little bags of whole bean coffee from around the world arrive at my door. i generally don’t taste “notes” of things in my food or drink, but eric does and he really wanted me to fully enjoy these fancy coffees. Continue reading

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