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these cookies were inspired by an especially yummy chocolate bar i once had. they’d be REALLY good with chocolate chips (or chopped up dark chocolate ritter sport, my choco of choice) but it was 10pm when i made these and i didn’t have any. these really did the trick though, and they’re especially good fresh out of the oven.


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i hate that milk, butter and eggs are for the most part unprocessed (although you do have to go through quite a bit of cruelty to get the final product), but their vegan analogues had to be invented.┬áhave you read the ingredients on the side of a nondairy milk lately? there should only be two ingredients, really: water and almonds. that’s not so shelf stable, so manufacturers add preservatives, sweeteners, artificial flavors, thickeners, conditioners and a few other things we probably shouldn’t be drinking just so the stuff gets to our houses without spoiling.

i’ll admit that i do love my light original silk soymilk though.. i drink a little too much coffee for my own good and i’ve found it’s one of the few things that doesn’t curdle immediately in a hot mug of it (the trick is to put the milk in first, but really who hasn’t figured that out yet?). however, when i decided to make my own nondairy milk, i purposefully did not choose soybeans. i thought it would be a little too beany and instead opted for almonds.

this is almost too easy, people.

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