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i’ve always had trouble finding honeyless granola (#veganproblems, amirite?), so a long time ago i started making my own. the recipe below is my usual, but there are infinite combinations of fruits, nuts and whatever elses. the chia seeds are a new addition to mine, as i just started messing with them. like any good granola, this one has a million ingredients and there’s about a 1:1 oat to good stuff ratio.


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so chia seeds have been a thing for a while, right? with good reason, i guess. there’s a lot going on in them- lots of protein, fiber and omega-3s for their serving size (1 tablespoon). i’m on a bit of a smoothie bender again (smoothie, not juice. juice is for weenies) and i picked up my first chia seeds at trader joe’s the other day, so you can probably guess what happened. yeah. weird little buggy black specks in my tasty tasty.


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