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concrete planters are very cool. they can also be pretty expensive. fortunately, they’re SO CHEAP to make at home. i made some hypertufa planters for a friend for our low-budget diy secret santa swap last christmas and she flipped for them. i’ve been wanting to make my own ever since, and have very slowly been collecting plastic containers to use as molds.

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confession 1: i have way too many houseplants.

confession 2: i do not have a house. i’m still living with my parents and saving up a down payment for my own place. until then, i have extremely limited space for my greenery. limited as in all my potted plants are packed uncomfortably close together on a garbage-picked vintage deco table i swear i’ll refinish after i paint my room.

despite the cold draft from the cracks and crevices in the window at night, the plants all seem to be doing okay. and winter is almost over! actually, it’s officially over today omgaaaaaaaah 😀


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