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it has been a million years since i tie dyed anything. a million meaning almost 20. holy crap that makes me feel old. anyway, this time i went natural. i came across woad, a plant i had never heard of, on SESE and once i read that the leaves can be used to make a blue dye i knew i had to have it.

well i planted those seeds yesterday, and since it’s gonna be a while before i can try it out i decided today was the day to work on my natural dye game.


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i spotted a wooden vegetable crate on my lunch break a few weeks ago and told myself i would circle back for it after work and grab it if it was still there. well it was, and once i picked it up i realized it was flimsy as hell and for a second thought maybe i should just leave it in the garbage. of course i took it though- i’m such a craft supply hoarder that i knew i would regret not taking it home with me even if it was a total piece of shit. Continue reading

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i went out yesterday just after it started snowing for the millionth time, planning on getting peat pots, seed starter and catering trays so i could at least get my seeds going once i was snowed in. apparently home depot thinks it’s a little early in US zone 7 to start a vegetable garden (even though they’re already selling seeds), because they had no jiffy pots or seed starter. what the hell? i did get those catering trays though (stop and shop, you never let me down).

so this morning i was watching reruns of roseanne feeling antsy as all hell and decided to make my own seed pots from newspaper. why not? i’ve done it before and i’ll do it again. except all of our newspapers were buried at the end of the driveway under varying depths of snow from each storm like a freaking fossil record of current events. BUT WAIT. doesn’t SESE use non-glossy newspaper pages in their catalog? i love you, southern exposure.


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my aloe plant was underloved. i left it out in the cold too long, i somehow both overwatered and underwatered it (after a million succulents i still can’t seem to get it right), and i planted it in probably the worst soil possible. it was also underutilized. it was never in the right place when i was really sunburned and i always had to run out for some unnecessarily expensive processed jelly. i needed to save this plant. i decided against propagation because i’m SO BAD at it, and opted for a more foolproof method of extending its life. making lotion requires a bunch of ingredients i’m too lazy/cheap to hunt down, and according to google mixing aloe with things decreases its shelf life and efficacy. so we freeze. everybody get out your ikea ice cube trays out.


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