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“when i am working on a problem, i never think about beauty but when i have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, i know it is wrong.” – r. buckminster fuller

i’ve been container gardening for pretty much my entire gardening career. we have a pretty big yard, but we’ve also got deer, rabbits, squirrels, slugs, birds and countless other munchers that annihilate everything on the ground and render any attempt at productive gardening endlessly frustrating an ultimately pointless. fortunately, i have some pretty decent patio space right off my bedroom, and that’s where my vegetable garden has lived for some time. i started with a few containers that were already out there and not so slowly added more and more (including a 4-foot diameter kiddie pool). this year, however, there’s a slight chance of some raised bed action in my yard and i’ll probably plant most of my guys downstairs, but i’m still dying to rearrange my container garden and have it make sense for once. here is the hideous, very early spring, before. forgive me.

DSC02720 DSC02721

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concrete planters are very cool. they can also be pretty expensive. fortunately, they’re SO CHEAP to make at home. i made some hypertufa planters for a friend for our low-budget diy secret santa swap last christmas and she flipped for them. i’ve been wanting to make my own ever since, and have very slowly been collecting plastic containers to use as molds.

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the sumter pickling cucumbers were some of the first seeds to germinate, but the mexican sour gherkins (Melothria scabra) are taking forever. i finally spotted some babies today though <3<3


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my georgia candy roaster squash (Cucurbita maxima) sprouts have gotten so chubby and tall that they were pushing the little plastic greenhouse roof off my catering trays, so i decided today was the day to give them some space.


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confession 1: i have way too many houseplants.

confession 2: i do not have a house. i’m still living with my parents and saving up a down payment for my own place. until then, i have extremely limited space for my greenery. limited as in all my potted plants are packed uncomfortably close together on a garbage-picked vintage deco table i swear i’ll refinish after i paint my room.

despite the cold draft from the cracks and crevices in the window at night, the plants all seem to be doing okay. and winter is almost over! actually, it’s officially over today omgaaaaaaaah 😀


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i impulse-bought a cactus a few months ago and it’s just been sitting in the boring plastic pot it came in since then. until today.


i love unconventional  things as planters. goodbye tacky toothpick holder, hello tacky cactus.

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i went out yesterday just after it started snowing for the millionth time, planning on getting peat pots, seed starter and catering trays so i could at least get my seeds going once i was snowed in. apparently home depot thinks it’s a little early in US zone 7 to start a vegetable garden (even though they’re already selling seeds), because they had no jiffy pots or seed starter. what the hell? i did get those catering trays though (stop and shop, you never let me down).

so this morning i was watching reruns of roseanne feeling antsy as all hell and decided to make my own seed pots from newspaper. why not? i’ve done it before and i’ll do it again. except all of our newspapers were buried at the end of the driveway under varying depths of snow from each storm like a freaking fossil record of current events. BUT WAIT. doesn’t SESE use non-glossy newspaper pages in their catalog? i love you, southern exposure.


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they’re heeeeeeeere.

from top to bottom: american flag leeks, dwarf teddy bear sunflowers, belle isle upland cress, chives, borage, anise hyssop. the smallest seeds went in the biggest packet for some reason, and they are all organic of course. this is just a fraction of what’s growing this year.. updates to come in the next few months.

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one of my college professors once told me that veganism is “a radical political statement.” i like to think that growing your own food can be just as political. when you plant your own vegetables, you don’t have to think about GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, food miles, government subsidies or unfairly compensated farmers because you have almost complete control over each step of your food production. incidentally, it’s also really fun. once you’ve got all your tools (i only really even use my hands and my garden shears) and soil it’s pretty affordable. composting your kitchen scraps makes the soil part even cheaper. you also have a much wider range of choices when you grow your own vegetables. i’d suggest planting the most expensive grocery store produce yourself. leeks, heirloom tomatoes, or whatever rare species that looks cool. green zebra tomatoes. watermelon radish. cosmic purple carrots. chioggia beets. get weird with it. Continue reading

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