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“when i am working on a problem, i never think about beauty but when i have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, i know it is wrong.” – r. buckminster fuller

i’ve been container gardening for pretty much my entire gardening career. we have a pretty big yard, but we’ve also got deer, rabbits, squirrels, slugs, birds and countless other munchers that annihilate everything on the ground and render any attempt at productive gardening endlessly frustrating an ultimately pointless. fortunately, i have some pretty decent patio space right off my bedroom, and that’s where my vegetable garden has lived for some time. i started with a few containers that were already out there and not so slowly added more and more (including a 4-foot diameter kiddie pool). this year, however, there’s a slight chance of some raised bed action in my yard and i’ll probably plant most of my guys downstairs, but i’m still dying to rearrange my container garden and have it make sense for once. here is the hideous, very early spring, before. forgive me.

DSC02720 DSC02721

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