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the asian grocer a few minutes from my house is pretty much my favorite supermarket. it stinks like fish and has some really interesting ingredients- a million kinds of choy and citrus, a ton of sauces and pastes, a huge tea selection and countless other goodies (including SEEDS!!). it’s where i stock up on tofu because they have blocks and skins and drieds and pre-frieds and it’s all so cheap. love it. anyway, in this series i’ll be exploring some of unfamiliar (to me) food items i find in one of my favorite places, and hopefully i learn some new things : )

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look at them growwww! i’ve never grown borage before and i’m excited to eat the flowers : )


look how creepy those little shells are though

the leeks and green zeebie jeebies are not terribly far behind..

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i went out yesterday just after it started snowing for the millionth time, planning on getting peat pots, seed starter and catering trays so i could at least get my seeds going once i was snowed in. apparently home depot thinks it’s a little early in US zone 7 to start a vegetable garden (even though they’re already selling seeds), because they had no jiffy pots or seed starter. what the hell? i did get those catering trays though (stop and shop, you never let me down).

so this morning i was watching reruns of roseanne feeling antsy as all hell and decided to make my own seed pots from newspaper. why not? i’ve done it before and i’ll do it again. except all of our newspapers were buried at the end of the driveway under varying depths of snow from each storm like a freaking fossil record of current events. BUT WAIT. doesn’t SESE use non-glossy newspaper pages in their catalog? i love you, southern exposure.


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they’re heeeeeeeere.

from top to bottom: american flag leeks, dwarf teddy bear sunflowers, belle isle upland cress, chives, borage, anise hyssop. the smallest seeds went in the biggest packet for some reason, and they are all organic of course. this is just a fraction of what’s growing this year.. updates to come in the next few months.

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feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium, aka Chrysanthemum parthenium, Matricaria parthenium and Pyrethrum parthenium) is a flowering medicinal perennial herb belonging to the daisy family. it is traditionally used to prevent and treat migraines. like valerian, feverfew is native to eastern europe and asia, but can be grown in many climates around the world.


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one of my college professors once told me that veganism is “a radical political statement.” i like to think that growing your own food can be just as political. when you plant your own vegetables, you don’t have to think about GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, food miles, government subsidies or unfairly compensated farmers because you have almost complete control over each step of your food production. incidentally, it’s also really fun. once you’ve got all your tools (i only really even use my hands and my garden shears) and soil it’s pretty affordable. composting your kitchen scraps makes the soil part even cheaper. you also have a much wider range of choices when you grow your own vegetables. i’d suggest planting the most expensive grocery store produce yourself. leeks, heirloom tomatoes, or whatever rare species that looks cool. green zebra tomatoes. watermelon radish. cosmic purple carrots. chioggia beets. get weird with it. Continue reading

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