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confession 1: i have way too many houseplants.

confession 2: i do not have a house. i’m still living with my parents and saving up a down payment for my own place. until then, i have extremely limited space for my greenery. limited as in all my potted plants are packed uncomfortably close together on a garbage-picked vintage deco table i swear i’ll refinish after i paint my room.

despite the cold draft from the cracks and crevices in the window at night, the plants all seem to be doing okay. and winter is almost over! actually, it’s officially over today omgaaaaaaaah 😀


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they’re heeeeeeeere.

from top to bottom: american flag leeks, dwarf teddy bear sunflowers, belle isle upland cress, chives, borage, anise hyssop. the smallest seeds went in the biggest packet for some reason, and they are all organic of course. this is just a fraction of what’s growing this year.. updates to come in the next few months.

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