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my first attempt at pignioli cookies was a miserable failure and i have not touched almond paste since, but once i made almond milk i needed something to do with the pulp-turned-almond meal. these cookies are basically an almond flavored sugar cookie covered in icing and pine nuts.. not really a pignioli cookie, but who cares? they’re crunchy and chewy at the same time and i think they’re pretty freaking tasty.


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i miss tortoni. i miss it a lot. biscuit tortoni is an italian ice cream my dad always used to get me boxes of from nasto’s old world desserts in newark, new jersey. it’s an amaretto ice cream topped with crumbled coconut macaroons and a maraschino cherry and it’s the bomb. unfortunately, it is so not vegan. this cupcake is a salute to the dessert i miss so much.


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